Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Wet Time At Slush Pond - Part 2

The dogs and I were exploring the floating peat bog at Slush Pond, a magical place of wild splendor (see also Part 1, posted yesterday):

Ripe, red cranberries were scattered atop the Sphagnum:

And of course I had to taste them. They weren't quite ripe yet but had lots of flavor. They were sour, but let's face it - cranberries are sour even when ripe:

The brush was treacherous and tall enough that I often couldn't see the dogs and had to trust them to come with me. Besides, I was up to my ankles in water and struggling to keep from tripping and falling:

We made it back to solid ground and began making our way back through the forest:

And arrived at our car, which was parked in an empty campsite. I felt let down that our visit had been so brief:

But I knew we passed two more access points along the road back to the highway and decided to stop at both of them. That made the dogs happy once again:

There wasn't much walking I could do at either spot, but the scenery was wonderful:

Seamus stood atop some red and yellow floating sphagnum and smiled:

We traveled on to another access point and I snapped a photo of the narrow channel leading back toward where we'd begun:

Daphne went right into the water and splashed around a bit. It didn't matter, for we were all soaking wet already anyway:

We carefully made our way back to the parked car. As you can see, the road was very narrow. I called the dogs back into the car, counted them several times to be sure I hadn't left anyone behind, and began the two mile drive back to the highway:

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