Sunday, October 9, 2016

Autumn Beauty

I was returning from the feed store one day and decided to take a side trip near Brasher State Forest in search of fall colors. Most of the trees were still green and our autumn seemed to be delayed, but then I found some nice color surrounding a cemetery on County Route 50:

The cemetery lay on both sides of the road and the early reds were prominent in both locations:

I drove on, stopping to snap a photo wherever the colors were especially nice. This spot seemed to qualify:

Not all the color was brilliant. Some of the more muted shades were the prettiest of all:

But also the reds were standouts. The golds and yellows would come later:

I was surprised at the lovely colors the ferns added to the forest, even where most of the tree leaves were still green:

More reds, more brassy ferns:

Dusty reds and beginnings of gold:

County Route 50 in the town of Brasher is a scenic favorite at any time of year, but autumn is particularly nice:

Glorious fall:

Some trees seemed to shoot up like fireworks:

I saw some Winterberries in fruit. They will remain like that through the winter or until the wildlife eats them all:

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