Monday, October 31, 2016

A Halloween Visitation

Ghosts, Goblins and Ghouls galore,
This fire fighter will send them out the door:

This gospel singer is looking quite handsome,
Ever since she decided to dye her hair platinum:

Mary Ann from Gilligan's Isle,
Has come to stay and make you smile:

A shark came to frighten this poor little Poodle,
And bit him right on top of his noodle:

This butterfly flew in on purple wings,
With all of the cuteness his presence brings:

A real cool guy with a baseball hat,
Would have chased you if only he wasn't so fat:

Orange-beard the pirate has come to alarm,
She'll frighten you badly when she scratches your arm:

A firefighter came to put out the flames,
She'll kick butt and then she'll surely take names:

"Howdy, Tex," is what you will say,
When this cowgirl rides in to chase you away:

This senorita came to give you a scare,
She'll make you afraid and she'll do it with flair:

There's nothing so frightening, not even a Troll,
As the nonsensical sight of a jester in a bowl:

 Yukon Sam ain't just a schmo,
He's ready for winter and all of its snow:

Farmer Brown already frightened two guys,
They ran when they saw his very blue eyes:


  1. So much fun, Bill!

    I see your collection of miniatures also includes hats.

    I think you owe your kids a fresh barrel of apples for putting up with this. The things they do for "Old Dad" -- and your amused readers. Thanks for all this!

  2. That was classic. Mr. Ed would be anamored.