Friday, October 21, 2016

Blue And Remy, Remy And Blue

The two miniature horses have prospered and are looking fat and glossy. They also have abundant energy and playfulness. Blue does not look as if he's been missing any meals:

The two little guys run in to get as many apples as they can before the cows gobble them all up. They have to be careful, though, lest an angry cow butt them:

Remy is the bold, social horse. He runs to me when I enter the field and is very friendly and playful - sometimes too much so:

Blue was taking a drink of cool, clean water when I snapped this photo:

After I've tossed all the apples on the ground and the bucket is empty, Blue and Remy often refuse to accept that the apples are all gone. Then they attack the bucket:

Blue stuck his head out the barn door:

Another apple feeding:

Blue and Remy, hanging out with baby Maggie:

Who, me?

Cows and horses get along amicably most of the time:

And sometimes Blue and Remy go off by themselves, usually to play or to hang out inside the barn (where the cows cannot follow):

And of course they run and play. Life is good if you're a miniature horse at Windswept Farm:

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