Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Red Poll Picture Album

We had fewer apples this year than I've ever seen, but still there was enough to give the cows and horses a treat every afternoon for weeks:

Jasmine has a particularly identifiable face and a docile personality:

The cattle make dust baths in their fields, places where they can kick up the dust onto their bellies and drive away the flies:

But they spend much of each day lounging about and chewing their cuds:

 Rosella and Tabitha:

The big girls were eating apples but little Maggie hadn't yet figured out how to eat anything but milk:

 Scarlett, Tabitha and Maggie in the south field:

Another afternoon apple feast:

The trees along the edge of the south field are a favorite place when it is hot and sunny or when it is raining:

Little Tabitha, getting up:

Maggie, feeling abused after getting her ears tattooed and tagged:

Maggie has grown into a happy, healthy calf who races and butts heads with her half sister, Tabitha:

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