Friday, September 30, 2016

Happy Pets At Home

Bramble has become almost a new cat since the passing of his old pals, Snoozey and Draco. He's now friendly and attention seeking, though he still believes he's the king of the household:

Daphne and Fergus enjoy cuddling together on the floor pillows:

All five dogs plus tiny Bugsy (by Seamus' rear leg), watching me cook dinner and hoping I'll drop something:

Bramble and Bugsy on the fleecy dog beds. I guess that makes them fleecy cat beds:

Daisy spent sat least a month in the guest bedroom, first with the door locked and then with baby gates blocking the door. Then I opened the door to give her freedom:

And she has now been vaccinated and spayed:

Daisy's very friendly to me, though still somewhat skeptical about the cats and dogs:

Georgette has reached the age where she's gaining weight and spending her days lounging around. Hey, I can relate to that:

Fergus was snoozing peacefully when little Bugsy walked over and curled up next to him:

Group comfort - Seamus, Bugsy and Daphne:

There's the little trouble maker himself, Bugsy:

Bugsy, Fergus and Bramble. Once Daisy feels safe enough to join these community snuggle-fests, she'll be right at home:

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