Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Red Poll Girls And Little Tabitha

The girls have been looking good - fat and shiny and enjoying life. Apples are in short supply this year but I've given them what was available:

Violet is due to calve but I can't tell if she's even pregnant. I've been keeping my eye on her, though:

The red ladies have taken a liking to the farthest field. They spend a lot of time there, but I can't see them from the house and have to drive down to a neighbor's driveway to check on them:

But they return to the barn periodically to drink water:

Rosella and her first calf, Tabitha, have been doing amazingly well. At first Rosella wouldn't come into the barn without her baby, so I carried a bowl of grain out to her. Then she began coming into the barn without her calf, and a few days later Tabitha began coming inside with her:

Tabitha keeps her eye on me. I am a strange looking creature to her:

I suppose she wonders what I'm up to as I walk around, snapping pictures:

I had been worried about Rosella's udder but everything has been perfect:

Tabitha is perhaps the most athletic calf I've seen yet, and all that running requires a lot of milk:

She's a curious little thing:

And all is well:

I've begun giving them all grain twice a day to keep them coming into the barn so I can trap Tabitha in there and get her tattooed. That's always tricky:

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