Thursday, September 1, 2016

Around The Farm In August

August was a busy month. It began with drought conditions, but then the rains came. The morning skies were beautiful:

Touches of pink across the southeastern sky as the sun rose above the trees in the east:

I feed some grain to the horses and cattle in the morning, then I let the hens out to spend their day pecking and scratching:

They clearly enjoy their life:

The family across the street hosted a big neighborhood pig roast. I was the only one close enough to walk, which was handy because it got quite crowded. My house was also handy for the Amish family down the road, who tied their horse and buggy to the fence behind my house:

A local band, "North Country," played inside the barn because it was rainy:

I took this photo before many folks had arrived. Within an hour or so, the yard had filled to capacity with neighbors and more tents/tarps but I was too busy talking to take any more photos:

The kids had a bouncy house for fun:

The next morning, I arose and did the usual chores. The fantail pigeons were happy to get outdoors:

The day after the pig roast was the church picnic, held on an island in the St. Lawrence River. It would difficult to find a more scenic spot:

The best eatin' anywhere is at church dinners, and this picnic was no exception. I had a busy and well fed August, but I won't tell you how my weight fared for the month:

The Rose Mallows began to bloom about the middle of the month and they were spectacular:

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