Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Return To The Walter Pratt Camping Area - Part 2

The dogs and I were having a pleasant walk along the shore of a peninsula which jutted out into the CCC reservoir in the Brasher State Forest. There were a few campers nearby, but not close enough to present a problem:

Clover, always the adventurer, explored some tree roots near the water's edge:

And there were many trips down to the water as we made our way back toward the car:

The forest itself was mostly White Pine and entirely gorgeous. The dogs were as happy as I've ever seen them, as evidenced by Seamus' prancing in this photo:

Fergus ran full speed whenever he got the chance:

Seamus felt adventurous and I had to keep calling him back - but it was not a problem:

Daphne stayed close to me, smiling the whole time:

Beautiful weather, lovely scenery, happy dogs. It was entirely pleasant:

Until Jack explored a steep bank and fell, head first, into the water. He was having trouble getting out and I was on my way to give him a hand (after snapping a picture), but he managed to get out of the water and up the bank by himself:

And then we headed back through the trees toward our parked car:

The last photo was again of Indian Pipe, the parasitic flowering plant which grew in abundance on the forest floor:

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