Sunday, September 4, 2016

Dogs And Cats At Home

You already met little Bugsy a couple of posts ago. He's doing well and has made friends with the other dogs and cats - but especially with Bramble:

Our summer has been hot, hot, hot - and Fergus found some shade beside the Rugosa roses:

 On most days, summer and winter, the dogs lounge around on the floor pillows and fleecy dog beds in the farm house kitchen:

 All five dogs in the back yard. This picture was taken during the rosy glow of dawn, just after I'd finished the chores:

 There's nothing remarkable about this photo of Georgette except that it may be the first time I've caught her using the lower shelf on her favorite cat tree. On the other hand, someone has shredded those upright posts, and it must have been her:

 Jack smiled for the camera:

The dogs all look a little bit guilty in this picture, but not Bramble on the windowsill. He looks quite proud of himself:

 I can tell that this photo was taken about 1:00 in the afternoon. That's because of the length of the house's shadow. The dogs know where and when to find the shade on a hot day:

 Another floor pillow collection - Daphne, Fergus, Clover and Bramble:

The dogs know when I am coming to the door and they collect at the gate to look pitiful so I'll let them inside:

 This was a typical moment, a typical scene of life at my house. Rocky sat at the bottom of the stairs and watched Seamus exploring the kitchen. The rocking chairs sat idle in the living room and a kitchen chair sat where I change from clean to dirty shoes during the day. I keep the chair's cushion up so the cats don't cover it with their hair. They have other soft places to recline:

 And lastly, Seamus and Daphne in their back yard. Don't they look contented?

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