Saturday, September 17, 2016

Around The Farm

The baby chicks are not such babies anymore:

They now live full time with the big hens. I heard my first rooster's crow the other morning so there will be more and more of that as time goes on:

And they have the freedom of the outdoors all day, every day. Blondie, the stupid one, is beginning to figure things out. She (or he) is the light golden colored bird at the far right of this picture:

 The Rose Mallows in front of the house came into full bloom, the pink first and then the red:

And they amazed people as they drove by:

I look up to the sky when I first arise and let the dogs out. It's often a beautiful, mysterious sight:

I wait until dawn before going out to do the morning chores. The sky is often beautiful then also:

My two bargain basement roses are both blooming. I kept the labels which told me the variety names but they are both pink and I can't be sure which is which:

One is lighter than the other and has fewer petals. but when I look at the labels, they are not helpful. It doesn't matter, of course. They are just pink roses:

The elderberries began ripening but were eaten rapidly by the birds. I tasted them and found them lacking in flavor, so I didn't want to compete with the birds. I do, however, want to eat my own bush cherries next year. I only got one this year. It was the last cherry on the bush and it wasn't ripe, but I knew it was my only chance to taste them as the birds had eaten every other cherry:

Morning sky in the northeast:

Morning sky in the southeast. This is part of the reason it is such a pleasure to do the morning chores:

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