Thursday, September 22, 2016

Around The Farm - Part 2

A neighbor offered to cut and bale my hay this year, making small bales which he would also help me get into the barn. He'd do all the work and take half the bales. I said yes:

He'd hayed the far south field in July but we waited until September to cut the north field:

He cut and tedded the hay:

And stopped frequently to fix the baler:

At first the baler dropped the bales on the field, requiring us to drive around and pick them up:

But then he got a chute (not shown) which pushed each bale up onto a wagon for someone to stack:

I checked the freshly mowed grass and it looked good. My north field produced so much hay that I stopped at 100 bales (plus the 80 from the far south field). He paid me for everything beyond his half of the bales produced:

This year's chicks are now young chickens and the roosters are beginning to crow and fight:

Sometime soon I will have to do something with the roosters - probably eat them:

The chicken room gets a little crowded at night now, but I'm enjoying watching the young ones explore their world and learn to be free range chickens:

I've continued to drive my car out into the field. I just have to keep it safe from the two little horses, who consider it their own personal toy:

I saw a new wildflower growing in the south field and looked it up, discovering that it is American Pennyroyal, a member of the mint family:

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