Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dogs And Cats

It's been peaceful for the dogs and cats. The dogs spend most of their day lounging in the kitchen and all of their night sleeping in my bedroom:

And they have a fenced back yard which they get to use often during the day:

Bugsy and Bramble have become buddies:

Clover and Seamus are also buddies:

I put out six dog bowls each morning and Bugsy has learned to help himself. The dogs are not food aggressive and they don't mind at all:

Lounging on the ramp when the day is hot. Fergus dug a hole (I could tell it was him by his dirty feet) and Jack used it to stay cool:

Fergus, Bugsy and Daphne, sharing a fleecy dog bed:

Seamus posing by the Rose Mallows:

Seamus at the foot of the stairs, with the living room in the background:

Fergus smiled happily. I think he must have been barking his fool head off. That seems to be what makes him the happiest. Daphne likes to bark also, but Fergus is the champ:

Bugsy and Bramble like to sleep together but a cat does need a good stretch once in awhile:

Jack wearing his happy face on the ramp:

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