Friday, September 23, 2016

Happy Pets At Home

There has been lots of pet activity around the house - if you count snoozing as an activity:

I have few photos of Rocky because his black and white coat confuses the camera. This is the best picture of him I've gotten in a long time:

Seamus sat regally next to one my bargain basement roses:

Daisy has had her vaccinations and has been staying in a bedroom, getting used to her new home. I'm hoping that she and the other animals will get used to each other through the door. After she's spayed, I'll try putting up three baby gates. I don't want things to begin with a fight:

Clover never uses the dog house, left here by former tenants, but she looks cute standing next to it:

Seamus, Daphne and Bugsy all napped together:

Seamus in the back yard:

More power napping - Jack, Clover and Fergus:

All five dogs, all wanting to come inside where they will then want to go back outside:

This is how cleaning a dirty frying pan begins, with five dogs plus little Bugsy, all trying to get whatever food scraps they can. None of my animals are food aggressive:

Clover, Daphne and Bramble:

Clover and Bugsy:


  1. Bugsy mixing in with the dogs at frying pan time cracks me up! What a great family!

    1. Thanks. He has quite the personality. I had him at the vet today and they all remarked on his sweet, outgoing personality.