Saturday, September 24, 2016

Little Horses, Never A Dull Moment

Blue and Remy eat in separate stalls to keep them from fighting over their food. It also keeps the cows from trying to take their food. The wide, flat bottomed pans have worked well except that the little imps use them as drums when they've finished their food. They also then begin chewing all the wood around the stall in spite of the Ivory Liquid I've painted it with to prevent chewing:

Remy runs to see me the minute I arrive in the field or barn. That is partly to be friendly, partly to cause mischief and partly to see if I brought anything to eat:

Most of their day is spent with the cows, to whom they seem quite attached. The cows, I've noticed, don't seem to feel the same attachment to Blue and Remy:

The horses have learned about apples and run to grab some before the cows get them all. They do not, however, try to steal them from the big cows. The cattle are too big and too crabby:

When little Maggie was newborn, Blue and Remy were hanging around and trying to get in close for a better look. Scarlett, however, kept chasing them away:

Remy (short for Remington):

Blue (short for Coyote Blue, named for his blue eyes):

Blue has been getting fatter and the vet advised me to put him on a diet. I've cut the grain in half and then cut it again, but my fields have a lot of grass and he seems to process it well:

With the new calves and my bad ankles, I've taken to driving out into the south field rather often:

But I'm mobbed by two pushy little horses as soon as I arrive:

"Whatcha got, Dad? Anything good? Hmmmmm?"

I left my car windows down and stepped away for just a minute. Remy reached his head in through the window and bit off a chunk of my steering wheel. I glued it back on but it didn't work well so I had to buy a steering wheel cover. I also learned not to leave the windows down. I already knew not to leave my keys in the car. I just know that Blue and Remy would find a way to lock me out:

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