Thursday, September 15, 2016

White Hill Wild Forest - Part 3

The dogs and I had spent a lot of time at the shoreline of Clear Pond, but it was time to head back to our parked car. So we reconnected with the main trail and began walking in that direction:

Along the way, I saw what looked at first like a pile of split firewood. A closer look revealed that it had been a large tree which had fallen and was so rotten that it splintered into many pieces when it landed:

We made one more stop at Clear Pond, just to play:

It was all fun, but it really was time to go:

So we hiked back out to the car, got in and..............

And decided to drive down to the camping area to experience Clear Pond one more time:

No one else was there, so we had all of this to ourselves. The dogs frolicked as if they were in a dog food commercial:

Seamus and Jack went in once more:

The camping area is at the end of Clear Pond and there is a sort of peninsula which we explored:

I was as happy as the dogs:

It was difficult to leave when the dogs were having so much fun:

But it was time to head for home. We all piled into the car and I counted heads several times to be sure all the dogs were there and accounted for. Then we began our journey home. What a blessing it is to live so close to such wild, natural beauty:


  1. Now that looked like a fun time! And yes, I envy you living so close to places like that. But not the winters :)


    1. Thanks, Daniela. It's lovely here right now but you are right about the winters. They can be rough.