Thursday, September 8, 2016

Little Horses With Big Personalities

I began driving out to the far field in my little red Honda when Tabitha was born, and it worked so well that I've continued to do so. Remy and Blue find it a lot of fun, a new toy to play with and disassemble:

When they tire of messing up my car, the two rascals will take off running - and it's all the more fun if a cow or the calf will join them:

All the animals have plenty of grass so have not been tempted to raid the winter supply of hay bales. It won't be much longer before I have to begin using that hay:

Several times I've seen one of the horses chasing the calf and I found it alarming. But they never caught her and appeared to be only playing. Besides, it won't be long until she's bigger than them. She can chase the horses then:

Early in the morning, right after giving them all a bit of grain:

Remy seems to have the lion's share of personality. Sometimes that's good, sometimes it's frustrating:

They share everything with the cows except that they get individual stalls when I give them grain:

See that white spot on Blue's right hip? I don't remember seeing it when he first arrived and noticed it shortly after we painted the white trim on the barn, so I've been assuming it was paint. But it's now looking more and more like part of his natural pinto markings:

When not causing trouble, the two boys live a quiet, peaceful existence:

This is a horsey temper tantrum. I gave the cows and horses some apples. When I set the bucket down, Remy ran over to steal apples and found it empty. So he was trashing the bucket. Blue, I think, was just along for the ride:

Once each week my neighbor from up the road brings a load (or two) of grass clippings. Remy knows what it's all about now and runs to greet him and gobble up some grass before the big cows arrive:

I check on the animals each night, noting where they will be sleeping and counting them to be sure they're all present and well. I can't begin to relax and settle down for the night until I've done a last check:

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