Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Meet Bugsy, The Lucky Kitten

You may recall that I'd found a kitten which someone dropped off at my barn. I kept him isolated in the barn for a week while I treated his runny eyes and made sure all his fleas were gone. Then I took him to the vet for vaccinations. I named him Bugsy and brought him indoors to see his new home - and its other occupants:

Seamus was the first to come see the tiny kitten. Bugsy didn't panic but wasn't quite sure what to make of the gigantic dog:

Then Daphne came to see him. Bugsy seemed to think he liked the smaller dogs better:

Then Jack gave him a thorough sniffing, but by this time Bugsy was unafraid and sniffing back:

I took him upstairs to the cat room, where I showed him the litter boxes and set him up on a cat tree:

I left him upstairs but he ran back down to be where the action was. Daphne, Seamus and Jack checked him out once again:

And again:

A friendship was born - the biggest dog and the smallest cat. Seamus and Bugsy really took to each other:

Soon I began finding Bugsy curled up at Seamus' side while Fergus tried his best to fit on the same dog bed:

Bugsy and Seamus were almost inseparable:

Because he'd hissed at Clover when they first met, she'd thereafter been reticent to get chummy. But Bugsy soon marched right over and got close, signaling that he'd decided she was OK. You may be wondering where the adult cats were. Bramble watched Bugsy from a distance, but Georgette and Rocky pretended the little squirt didn't even exist. But they all came around in a few days - Bramble first, then Rocky and finally Georgette:


  1. This post tickles me no end. Welcome home Bugsy!

  2. Too stinkin' cute how he just marches and makes himself right at home! What a lucky kitty Bugsy is.


    1. Thanks. He really did march right in and make himself at home. And he's so cute that it's hard not to pick him up every time he's within reach.

  3. Though Bugsy is small, he is mighty..looks like Seamus has a shadow.

    1. Thanks, Diann. And soon Daisy will be introduced to the rest of the crew.