Monday, August 15, 2016

The St. Regis River Access Trail - Part 3

The dogs and I were making our way back to our parked car, yet still we took advantage of every trail which would lead us down to the river's edge:

Daphne waded out into the Bullhead-Lilies:

And I spotted these flowers which I thought were Arrowhead, but the leaves were not shaped like arrowheads. I looked it up when I got home and learned that they were Grass-Leaved Arrowhead:

More river access and more Cardinal Flowers:

Beautiful Adirondack scenery and happy dogs, both of which I'll remember fondly when I can no longer go out and hike:

This smooth rock was like a big toy for the dogs and they seemed to enjoy running back and forth across it:

A close-up of a Bullhead-Lily flower. It's not a very pretty name, but it's a nice looking flower:

Clover went in the water once more and then I called the dogs up toward the main trail again:

There was a sizeable patch of Nodding Dogbane, a poisonous plant which I see everywhere now that I know what it looks like. It has pink, bell-like flowers but apparently their flowering season was past. But then I found a few which I could photograph:

We veered off the trail again to enter a stand of pine:

We walked through the pines back toward the river but the banks were too steep, so we turned around and returned to the main trail:

Once back on the trail, we were almost to our car:

I stopped for a few more blackberries and a few blueberries:

This is a relaxed, happy part of any hike. We've seen most of the natural beauty already and the dogs' excess energy is mostly spent:

As soon as we got close to the parking area, however, the dogs broke into a run. They love to ride in the car and couldn't wait to get back to it:

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