Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Dogs, Cats And A Guinea Pig

Rocky seems more confident now that both Snoozey and Draco are gone. He positions himself for a petting at every opportunity and isn't afraid to vocalize his desire, meowing loudly:

Bramble, the former kitten who distrusted people for many years has made a complete turnaround. He's now acting much like Rocky and maybe even more so. One of his tricks is to go up the stairs if I'm going down, or down the stairs if I'm going up. I didn't realize at first that this was a plea for attention, but now he's added to his up-trips, standing still and wiggling his tail in an attempt to get me to stroke his back:

Dixie, living all alone in a cage in my bedroom, gets attention whenever I'm coming in or going out of the room. I'm not sure she craves it like the cats do, but she does lift her head so I can stroke under her chin and holds that pose for as long as I'm willing to continue:

Unless I want the dogs upstairs, I keep a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs. This means that I'll have an anxious welcoming committee when I return to the first floor:

Bramble loves the soft padding on my computer chair but doesn't seem to mind when I tell him to get down so I can sit there:

Seamus and Jack by the maple in their fenced yard. I keep the maple trimmed short so it will stay a bush instead of a tree:

Fergus, Clover and Daphne on their ramp by the Rugosa Roses. They get shade from the roses early in the day. In the afternoons, there is plenty of shade by the house, but in the first half of a hot day, the ramp is the place to be:

More ramp lounging - Clover, Daphne, Jack and Fergus:

Hey, I'm over here!

Bramble also enjoys sitting on the old chair in the kitchen, which just happens to put him at the perfect height for petting:

Daphne, Seamus and Bramble in the living room. Now if I could just teach them to use the vacuum:

Fergus, wearing his anti-peeing belly-band while he keeps me company by the computer:

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