Sunday, August 21, 2016

Blue And Remy, Miniature Horses

It's difficult to get good photos inside the barn but this one of Blue showed his blue eyes nicely. As for his coat color, it usually looks black but there is an undertone of brown which comes out in some photos:

Why are Remy and Blue tied up? Because we were painting the barn door and the two little imps could not resist stealing paint brushes, knocking over ladders and cans of paint, etc. A horse needs to have fun:

Most of every day is taken up with grazing quietly among the cows:

Blue went lame in his right front foot and the vet declared it to be an abscess in a hoof. I began giving him pain killers while waiting for the abscess to erupt and drain. But a week later, that had never happened and Blue was once again running and playing. I don't suppose I'll ever know for sure what transpired:

Remy wandered over to a marshy part of the field for a bit of marsh grass:

And then he came over to see me and try to steal my camera:

Blue is less gregarious and just wanted to be left alone with his favorite cows:

I walked out into the field and found the cows asleep near the county road. I couldn't find the horses at first until they heard me, woke up and began standing:

Blue cut a striking figure as he posed by the fence:

A neighbor brings over a trailer load of grass clippings each week and we unload it in the south field with the animals:

Blue and Remy are always the first to arrive. They have to eat quickly because the cows push them away once they get there:

I try to remove the chickens from the barn before giving any grain to the horses, but I failed to do so this time and Remy was getting mighty irritated with the little feathered pests. They just want a share of the grain, but Remy is correct that they have no manners:

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