Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tri-Town Frog Jumping Contest

I noticed that the annual Tri-Town Summer-Fest celebration had a frog jumping contest on Saturday morning so I arrived early. Parents and children were waiting outside the three town hockey arena for the doors to be unlocked, so I got a photo of this contestant and his frog, undoubtedly the best picture of the day:

Then the doors opened and the frog jumping began. Most of the children were very young so parents or officials were quick to help:

Most of the frogs were quite tiny. They were placed in the center of the circle and then the official timed how long it took them to get to the outside of the circle:

To no one's surprise, the frogs didn't quit when they arrived at the outside of the circle and considerable energy was spent catching them to put them back into their containers:

The object was to encourage them to jump by stomping behind them or blowing on them. Some tiny contestants needed help knowing what to do:

One could stomp or blow, but not touch the frog, preventing the deadly catastrophe I had feared. Everyone seemed pretty good about how they handled the frogs:

That tiny spot on the floor was this boy's frog. To my surprise, however, the small frogs were at no disadvantage. A good jumper of any size could win:

This girl was trying to recapture her frog after it ran its course:

Families took pictures:

And everyone (except the frogs) seemed to have a great time:

I waited until the end so I could photograph the winner, but was told that the winners would not be announced until later on at the end of the day. So I never learned who won, but I guess it doesn't matter:

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