Friday, August 19, 2016

Tri-Town Summer-Fest Parade

Three hours after the frog jumping contest (see yesterday's post), the parade through Brasher Falls, New York began with the VFW:

New York is divided into towns (townships) and then further into smaller settlements and villages. But the towns of Stockholm, Brasher and Lawrence are so rural and sparsely populated that they join together for many things. There were lots of fire engines:

And a high school marching band from Chateaugay, New York. I thought that was a long way away so I checked Google Maps. Indeed, Chateaugay is 41 miles east of Brasher Falls, a one hour drive:

There were antique cars:

 The parade theme was "Family Game Night" and the first themed float honored the game of Scrabble:

 And another recalled the game of Operation, which brought fond memories from my childhood:

There was lots of music on trucks and trailers - three bands, a Country Western singer and a DJ:

The game of Life, another favorite from my childhood. Apparently families are still playing some of the same games we did back in the Stone Age:

This float said it was the Candy Castle Game, a new one to me:

The theme of this was "Stop Animal Abuse" and it was accompanied by a woman in a Monarch Butterfly costume and marchers carrying an elderly dog:

This band is called "North Country" and the drummer is the neighbor who cut my hay:

A float from a local church:

And a float from our local High Peaks Winery. I'd carefully planned my exit and was able to start my car and easily drive away after the last float went by. Small town life has many advantages and in many ways it seems idyllic:

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