Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Summer Adventures Of Remy And Blue

Blue and Remy spent several weeks across the road with the cows in the north field. They weren't happy about it at first but quickly adapted. When they were eating their grain in the barn, I noticed their love for tipping over their bowls and eating off the floor. So I started bringing them grain in wide, flat bottomed bowls. They did seem to prefer eating that way, though they sometimes tipped them over also, apparently just for fun:

The cows would gobble up their grain quickly and then move over to steal the horses' grain. So I began standing guard while the little fellows ate. I often had to separate the horses too. It seems no one gets along well when there is grain:

All went well for a few weeks:

And then I moved them all, both cows and horses, back across the road into the south field:

Remy was happy and alternated running with grazing:

Blue generally follows Remy's example and the two of them love to play. Their play mostly consists of running, with whichever horse is in the lead trying to kick the one behind him:

But then they settle down to graze:

I carried out their Jolly-Ball once again and tried to get them interested:

Blue wouldn't even look at it. Remy made a half hearted attempt at play and then returned to grazing, so I put the Jolly-Ball away in the barn, hoping it will be a fun novelty the next time I bring it out:

Rosella is especially fond of the little horses and often hangs out with them instead of with her fellow cows:

Blue is not very good at coming when called, but Remy usually doesn't even wait to be called. I took this picture while rapidly backing up to keep from being too close:

But then Remy stopped for another bite of grass and I got an easy shot. It seems that all is well with the miniature horses:

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