Friday, August 5, 2016

Summertime Red Poll Girls

The cows spent several weeks in the north field, where they ate lots of lush grass but still seemed very hungry for the bowl of grain I carried over to them twice each day:

The little horses stayed with them, their first time in that field and without a barn to sleep in at night. They handled the change well:

In fact, it was all quite peaceful although the grass in the north field got shorter and shorter:

But they never went hungry:

I especially enjoyed the early morning feeding time, when the rising sun began to turn the eastern clouds pink:

But of course the cows ate down the grass while the broadleaf weeds grew taller:

So one day I moved all the animals back to the south field and bush hogged the north field to mow down the broadleaf weeds. It should be ready to produce a hay crop in September:

The south field is bigger and more interesting. Furthermore, there is the barn in which to eat their breakfasts. The cows were happy and Amy gave Scarlett a little ear nibble:

One day I opened the side door and caught Gracie eating the grape vine leaves which grow on top of the old silo base. I've seen them eating grape leaves before. I know they're edible because people eat them too:

With the winter's hay supply in place and the south field grass recovered, it seemed an idyllic life for the cows:

Scarlett nibbled the short grass close to the barn. They often do that and I wonder why they don't go for the taller grass farther out. Perhaps they just nibble grass wherever they happen to be:

Still awaiting Jasmine's calf (if indeed she is pregnant), everything seemed peaceful. At this writing, Jasmine is three days beyond her due date and showing no sign of a calf about to be born. At this point, all I can do is wait and see:

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