Friday, August 26, 2016

Remy And Blue

The two little horses have been licking the mineral salt blocks just as the cows do. I know that our soil is deficient in some minerals, so I am glad to see them taking advantage of them:

Blue was sidelined for about five days by sore hooves. The vet diagnosed them as abscesses but apparently they were not. Nonetheless, the painkillers he left for Blue helped a great deal:

Toward the end of the week, Blue was running wildly across the fields alongside Remy, so I assumed he was healed of whatever had bothered him:

When I walk out into the field, Remy runs right up for attention. Blue wants to be about ten feet away - close enough to be companionable but not close enough to be touched:

And the cows mostly ignore me when I walk out into the field. That's a good sign, for they used to run away when I first got them. Now they usually don't even stand up when I arrive. They feel safe:

Sometimes I can get Blue and Remy to play:

But usually I wind up backing away from Remy, who can't seem to get close enough:

OK, I'll admit it. I enjoy snapping photos of these miniature beauties:

And they enjoy each other's company. Heaven forbid something should happen to one of them. The other would be bereft:

Blue and Remy were born ten days apart and have never been separated. No, never:

When the neighbor brings over grass clippings, the horses arrive first and eat what they can before the big cows arrive. Then they have to go play because the cows take over. That's a good thing, because eating too much of the grass clippings could be problematic for horses (but not for cows):

I began driving out into the field when Rosella's calf was born and it made my life so much easier that it became a regular thing. Of course Blue and Remy think I've brought them a toy to play with and I have to watch lest they pull off my windshield wipers, etc:

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