Monday, August 29, 2016

Dogs And Cats At Home

The livin's been easy for the dogs and cats who stay in the house. Georgette's favorite place is atop the tallest cat tree at the top of the stairs:

Congregations of dogs and Bramble, the cat, collect in the farm house kitchen:

Seamus got a summer haircut and he's feeling fine:

Jack's as hyper and silly as ever but enjoying life. I remind myself sometimes that this little dog had the shelter flummoxed. He screamed and bit when anyone came near him. You'd never know it now, even when guests arrive. He greets new people with as much enthusiasm as my other dogs:

Bramble still enjoys pushing the water bowls away from the wall and watching the water slosh everywhere:

 And the dogs have learned where to find shade when in their fenced back yard:

I've begun to relax and used the belly-bands less often. But when I leave the house for a few hours, I still put them on Fergus and Jack:

Jack often stands at the foot of the stairs and watches me. I wonder what he's thinking:

  Seamus, despite his great weight loss, mostly wants to sleep:

Georgette moved down to a lower shelf on her cat tree for this picture:

Clover and Seamus enjoyed the shade next to the house on a summer afternoon:

Daphne lounged in the grass. Yes, these dogs and cats have a pretty good life:

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