Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Moira-North Lawrence Road - Part 2

I was taking a driving tour (see also Part 1, posted yesterday) on the Moira-North Lawrence Road. It was Franklin County Route 6 at first, but became St. Lawrence County Route 52 at the county line. I passed by parts of the Brasher State Forest, though what I saw was pretty brushy, without many big trees:

A small, neat and tidy home, nestled in the pines:

A large farm house:

The homes began to change from farm house to village house style as I entered North Lawrence. I especially liked this small home, dressed up with Adirondack style log paneling, posts and railings:

A comfy looking home with a sheltered porch and nice Spruce for wind and sun protection:

Then I rounded the bend and saw this surreal scene - a large factory in the middle of all this rural and small town charm. I've seen it before and wasn't surprised, but I remember the first time I chanced onto it a number of years ago. It was then a closed Yogurt factory. It's since been reopened and modernized under new ownership:

If you've ever eaten Upstate Farms yogurt, it was likely produced here in tiny, scenic North Lawrence, New York. If you are interested, you can also check out these links to a Public Radio Story or this website About North Country Dairy:

I continued on past the yogurt plant and entered the little village of North Lawrence:

The homes, like most in the area, sported a lot of old fashioned front porches. I think that visiting with neighbors and seeing the scenery are popular in the north country, and even new homes often have large, comfortable porches:

I remember from a summertime view that this home had solar panels, though they didn't appear to be very useful with so much snow cover:

I crossed the scenic Deer River into the heart of North Lawrence, where I intended to end my driving tour:

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