Sunday, March 13, 2016

County Route 49 - Part 1

It was a cold but clear day and I'd just put a pork tenderloin, carrots and red potatoes in the oven to cook. I decided to make a quick driving tour, but it had to be nearby. I had an hour and twenty minutes, so I drove to the town center of Hopkinton and began at Wilber's Hardware at the corner of county Route 49:

I circled around the village square to photograph the Hopkinton Town Museum:

And the Congregational Church:

And the Hopkinton Town Court House:

Then I began driving northwest on County Route 49:

The houses were town style at first, though I suppose any or all of them might have begun life as farm houses:

The Town Highway Garage and other facilities were on Route 49, and I believe this building was one of theirs:

I passed by the narrow strip of the Hopkinton-Fort Jackson Cemetery:

And an old farm house with an Amish buggy and wagon parked beside it:

This barn sat right on the banks of the St. Regis River and had a marvelous, square wooden silo:

This old farm house still had an old barn in good shape, though it appeared to be used only as a garage these days:

The walls of this old barn seemed to be collapsing from the outside in, truly a shame for I could tell it was a real beauty once upon a time. But I was just getting started. Tune in tomorrow for Part 2:

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