Sunday, March 27, 2016

Franklin County Routes 53 And 22, From Bangor To North Bangor - Part 1

The day dawned cold but clear, just right for a driving tour, so I headed east on Route 11B to the tiny town of Bangor, New York. From there I turned north on County Route 53 to see the sights. It looked to me as if it would be a beautiful journey:

I was quickly out of the village and into the country, where it appeared that folks in these parts truly knew how to live the good life:

The sun shone brightly on this old farm house with cobblestone porch and the surrounding trees had been tapped for maple sap:

I began to see more farm buildings and fields as I drove:

A maple tree cast shadows on this natural stone house with bright red shutters and ironwork. Yes, indeed, I'd picked a lovely day for a drive in the country:

A very large barn with major hay storage capacity. The hay bale elevator indicated that it was still used as originally intended:

Neat and trim barns, corn crib and dual silos:

I came to the settlement of North Bangor when I arrived at the intersection of New York State Route 11. I'd intended to turn west on Route 11 but the traffic was heavy and County Route 22 was straight ahead. So I took the county route instead, continuing northward into more farm country:

And farm country it surely was:

This small home looked welcoming and comfortable:

A bigger home with bigger barns. Yes, I'd made the right choice by choosing County Route 22. But I'd only just begun, and have more photos to post in Part 2 tomorrow:

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