Monday, March 21, 2016

A Second Visit To The Miniature Horses:

I visited the miniature horses again while waiting for them to be delivered. I arrived on a warm enough day for all the animals to be outdoors, and walking into the pasture was like an animal lover's dream come true:

 I knelt down to say hello to the affectionate little Remington. He's the one who loves to cuddle:

 The Llama came over to smell my face. She'd already done so numerous times, but her owner said she never tires of it. Apparently, it's important to her and she "reads" some sort of information from doing so:

The black Llama was more standoffish and even got a little huffy when one of the colts became a little too pushy:

Coyote Blue, hereafter referred to as just Blue, trotted over to see his father. Because he was a stallion, the father had to stay in a separate enclosure:

Then the colts' current owner called Blue over for a kiss. I had noted that Blue was a mischievous imp, bouncing around the pasture and seemingly trying to get a rise out of someone, so I think his owner wanted to show me that he too was affectionate:

 And then, of course, Remington (who I'll call Remy from here on) wanted a kiss too. Blue, on the left, was not about to get left out. He wanted attention too:

 I began constructing two stalls for Blue and Remy as soon as I got home. The calves had really made a mess of things when they were locked in the barn before they left for their new homes. I began by tying some mesh gates between and at the ends of the stalls:

 Then I hung two gates, front and back, on the second stall to keep its occupant in place. I wanted a board to brace beneath the ends of the two gates but was unable to drill the concrete to use masonry anchors. Instead, I had to use construction adhesive. As yet, I have not been able to tell if it will last or not:

Their current owner sent me a photo of Blue when he was one day old, already a "lap dog" with hooves. They should be here soon and I am looking forward to featuring them in blog posts:

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