Wednesday, March 2, 2016

NYS Route 11C From North Lawrence To Brasher Falls

If you saw yesterday's post, you know that I was taking a driving tour and had entered the little village of North Lawrence, New York. I'd intended to end my driving tour at that point, but the village was so picturesque and the sky so blue that I decided to add another chapter. I was on my way to the feed store anyway, so I just kept driving and snapping photos. I passed this white church, worthy of a Christmas card:

A very large Victorian home with two porches and a carriage house or small barn:

A large brick church, this one also worthy of a Christmas card:

A log home:

I passed out of North Lawrence and into Brasher Falls, where I snapped a picture of this small farm:

And this complex of red barns:

A farm house with burlap protected shrubbery, bird feeders and outbuildings:

An old fashioned barn and wood shingled silo:

This was the extraordinary home which went with the above barn and silo. Beautiful, isn't it? But this was my last photo as I was about to enter the village of Brasher Falls and from there to village of Winthrop, where the feed store was located. There's a short stretch of Route 11C between the two villages which I'll use for driving tour photos some day, but I'd spent enough time already and needed to buy feed. So this ended my picture taking for the day:

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