Thursday, March 31, 2016

Holy Blabbermouth, Batman!

I wish I'd noticed at exactly the right moment, but this is close enough. Today's post is Windswept Adventure's 2304th post. So, if you will excuse me for the self-congratulating, I'd like to take a moment to say, "Yippee!" 

The first post for which Google has a record was published on January 1, 2009 although I think there were earlier ones:

2009 to 2016 is seven years of blog posts. I really am a blabbermouth, aren't I?

I began posting when I was still working in the Albany area and only dreaming of retiring:

 I blogged about the small farm I purchased in northern New York, my trips up to visit it on the weekends, my car filled with dogs, and our many stops along the way:

I blogged about my hikes with the dogs, my acquisition of farm livestock and driving tours of the local, rural scenery:

So I'm devoting this post to congratulating myself on longevity. Quality is debatable, but 2034 posts in seven years speaks for itself:


  1. Congratulations! This blog is a great favorite and I love the way you care for your pets and that you have so many and they look so well loved. The tours are great as well, so many more years of happy blogging! RB of Eugene OR

  2. Congratulations Bill! I love your blog and never miss a single one of your posts. You have a devoted fan in me. :)