Friday, April 1, 2016

An Update On The Red Poll Girls

Our snow and ice finally melted, though nothing yet was growing. Nevertheless, Rosella enjoyed the morning sun as she stood next to the old silo foundation:

And the girls dined on a steady diet of grass hay, available at all times, plus grain and a pat on the neck every morning:

Amy seems to always be front and center when I'm taking photos, so I decided to make this one a face shot:

Our temperatures remained cold, but nothing like the frigid lows we had in February and early March. The cows enjoyed the relative warmth. I rolled the bale feeder out away from the barn, reducing their wind protection but increasing their time in the sun:

All was peaceful and calm in the kingdom - or, in this case, the queendom:

Life was good: 

Lazy spring days, listening to the birds return to the north country:

And then one day the world as they knew it came to a screeching halt. Two little equine terrorists had been turned loose in the cows' peaceful pasture:

"What, what is this outrage?!?"

It took nearly a week for the cows to stop being afraid of the little horses, though they were much bigger and more numerous:

Even the munching of hay seemed to require extreme vigilance:

Rosella was the first to calm down, meandering over to the water tank without worrying about the miniature horses. They have since made friends, all the cows and both little horses:

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