Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Happy Housepets

All the dogs have been spending more time outside in their fenced yards since springtime arrived. Jack, it seemed as I took this picture, was sunning himself and hoping for a tan. Well, he is a lovely shade of orange, don't you think?:

Cleaning up a winter's worth of dog poop was an ordeal, but once it was finished, the dogs began to really enjoy their time outdoors:

Bramble, on the other hand, preferred to stay indoors and guard the clock:

Fergus, Seamus, Daphne and Clover. Yes, Jack is there too, but harder to locate. He's in the center, next to the fence:

Seamus watching for burglars, with Daphne and Clover behind him and a few chickens scratching for edibles on the lawn outside the fence:

Clover, Fergus and Jack:

Seamus dropped from 147 pounds to 99, enough weight loss that I increased his food allotment. But now I can't tell by looking if he's gaining, losing or holding steady. I'll have to get him back to the vet for a weigh-in:

Clover and Bramble, sharing a floor pillow:

Daphne, Clover and Fergus with the Mock Orange bush behind them. I sure look forward to warm weather and that bush covered with fragrant, white blossoms. I don't look forward to the hens laying their eggs in the middle of that bush where I can't see them or retrieve them:

Seamus, enjoying a lazy, warm afternoon:

Jack, looking silly. He began peeing in the house again so he's been in trouble a lot lately:

Dixie, the guinea pig, doesn't get out of her cage much but I do try to stop and pet her whenever I pass by. In this case, I took her out and let her explore the bed for awhile:

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