Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Miniature Horses Meet A Jolly-Ball

My sister was visiting but only for a day. I'd purchased a Jolly-Ball for the horses but waited for her arrival to introduce it to the colts. I'd noticed how they love to grab things with their teeth, run and play keep-away. The Jolly-Ball seemed to be a natural:

Of course the horses had never seen such a thing and my sister's job was to show them how it could be fun while I gave the cows a new bale of hay. The little horses were curious but dubious:

And then she got Blue to get the handle in his mouth:

They were beginning to warm to the idea so she played keep-away with them, a game they understand all too well:

These little guys couldn't be more sociable and they had a grand time:

Blue did a happy dance because he was having so much fun. I wish I had a video of it, but this still shot will have to do:

And then suddenly the whole herd of cows came charging over to see what was going on. Even I was momentarily alarmed, but they were only curious:

Blue was having fun with the Jolly-Ball:

And then Rosella, who loves both people and her new buddies, the little horses, came over:

My sister got Remy interested in the Jolly-Ball:

And that, in turn, made Blue want it. They both grabbed the handle simultaneously and trotted around the pasture together, each of them wanting it all for themselves:

It was all great fun but the end came and we left the ball out in the field for Blue and Remy to play with. Sadly, they have never touched it since. I will go out again and try to interest them in it again as soon as I get over the flu:

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