Sunday, April 24, 2016

Springtime Pets On The Farm

Spring came slowly to the north country this year, and it seemed to come reluctantly. In fact, it hasn't fully arrived yet as we are still waiting for Daffodils to bloom. Nevertheless, the dogs and cats got to stay warm and comfortable in even the worst weather. Jack prefers this spot when I'm at the computer so he can keep an eye on me:

And they still collect on the floor pillow and fleecy dog beds in the farm house kitchen. This collection of pets consists of Jack, Clover, Seamus, Rocky, Daphne and Fergus:

Another kitchen group: Draco, Clover, Seamus, Daphne and Fergus:

The cats always stay indoors but the dogs love to go out into their fenced yard and disturb the peace. Every bird, fluttering leaf or passing car is fair game for furious barking. Oddly, they seem less excited when they see deer in the field across the road:

Georgette loves to come downstairs and plop herself in the middle of whatever I'm doing. In this case, I was attempting to work a crossword puzzle and she was there to "help":

Daphne, Clover and Bramble:

And in case the dogs get bored while outside, they can watch the chickens coming and going:

I took this photo one morning from inside the pigeon coop. The fantails were on their way out through the window I'd just opened while Seamus and Jack watched with interest:

"Watching with interest" is one of their specialties. That and barking, of course:

And every night it's one big happy family:

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