Monday, April 18, 2016

Jewitt Road, Franklin County Route 19

I discovered Jewitt Road because it looked like a quick way to get where I was going. But I saw immediately that it was a scenic gem, and I had my camera with me, so:

This old barn was well kept but still retained the old look:

A small but useful barn in great shape:

A collection of barns and outbuildings within a board fence. It looked to me like it could have been set in Wyoming or Eastern Oregon:

A lovely, small barn with fading colors:

The adjacent willow tree helped give color to this barn as it glistened in the sun:

The Lucky 711 Tack Shop (horse supplies) had two elaborate pieces of what I assumed to be chainsaw art - the horse head near the sign, and the man shoeing the horse at the right edge of the photo:

This barn appeared to have steel siding, but even that was beginning to lose its paint:

A large sawmill operation with a complex of buildings:

A family farm with lots of buildings:

Another family farm, a page out of history:

This farm had an orchard in the front yard, each tree meticulously pruned. I felt rather ashamed of my own untrimmed apple trees. The barns in the back, the old silo and the farm house with big front porch all helped to make this one of the prettiest farms I'd ever seen:

I was just about to the end of the road when I photographed this field full of farm equipment. There was a lot of it, all parked on a hay field which appeared to be regularly cut, so I imagine that all of the equipment was in regular use:

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