Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Remy And Blue, Miniature Horses

Some estates have marble statues of lions on either side of their doors, but I have Blue and Remy to grace my barn door:

The grass was slow getting growing this year but Blue and Remy were determined to snip off every little green blade:

And they are nearly always together:

Remy and Blue were wrestling and the cows watched, unsure what was happening - or perhaps they wanted to be sure it wasn't going to involve them:

Remy seemed to have grown taller since I got him. I measured him the other day and he has grown 2" at the withers since I got him, growing from 36" to 38", the upper limit for miniature horses:

Blue grazed while two cows tried to do likewise. It's easier for horses to snip of short grass because they have both top and bottom teeth:

Blue did a bit of fancy strutting:

Blue had several episodes of morning lameness which, it appeared, was from locking stifles. So I quit putting them in their stall each night and allowed them to stay outside all day and night (with access to the barn). That way, they'd get more exercise and strengthen their muscles. This was one of their last nights in their stall:

They do love to run and play, but they also know how to be lazy, luxuriating in the sun:

The ground beneath him had been warmed by the sunshine and Blue was a happy boy:

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