Thursday, April 7, 2016

Crazy For Miniatures

I've posted some of these photos before, but it was five years ago and also I now have new items to share. I've long been fascinated by miniatures, and began collecting miniature foods such as these:

Tiny bread and butter:

A cup of tea:

Egg, ham, peas and fries:

And chocolate cake, each piece topped with whipped cream and a cherry:

And a marvelously detailed box of chocolates:

Quite a few years ago I carved these Zuni style fetishes from soapstone: A wolf, eagle, badger, wolverine, turtle and bear:

And a friend gave me many miniature dogs and cats. The crystal Scottie Dog was in memory of the dog of my childhood, a Scottish Terrier named Whiskers. The tuba playing hound was just so silly that I bought it at a second hand store:

More miniature dogs:

Upstairs, I have a tiny china cabinet, housing hand-blown animals which my sister gave me as well as a lamb and a lion from old boxes of Red Rose tea. The blown glass rooster was another gift from my sister:

I found this tiny metal tricycle in the dirt near the back door of the farm house and liked it instantly. The eerie thing was that way back when I was in kindergarten, my mother bought me one like it and I took it to school to show. The teacher asked me to pass it around and that was the end of it. I never saw it again, but this little tricycle seemed like a replacement - a long time coming, yet still a replacement:

An artist in Nova Scotia whose blog I follow gave me these two tiny watercolors of birds and Tudor roses. They are now framed and on my wall. Her blog, by the way, is here:   


  1. Oh Bill, what a surprise to see how beautifully you framed the ATC's- and then posted them. I got quite a startle- and now relate even more to your chance finding of the little tricycle, similar experiences having happened to me- like we're tied into a synchronicity that has a time plan of its own.
    I enjoyed your miniature collection which has some exceptional pieces in it ( including Remy and Blue ;) )Big hugs.

    1. Thank you. I too think that Blue and Remy are part of the miniature collection.