Friday, April 29, 2016

The Red Poll Girls

We are all happy that spring has arrived and the sun is shining. Rosella just wanted to relax on some fallen hay:

There have been cold nights and lots of mud, but the Red Poll girls don't seem to mind:

The little horses haven't yet tried eating hay from the cows' bale feeder, but they do enjoy dancing close by just to get a reaction:

Jasmine lifted her head and watched me with interest as I walked around, snapping photos while trying to avoid stepping in cow pies:

And when the grass finally began to turn green, everybody was happy:

My animals ate an awful lot of hay this year - more than I had thought possible. That will have to figure into next year's planning:

A peaceful scene:

I was on my way to an appointment when I stopped along the road to snap a photo of my own cattle. This is what many drivers on the dirt road see as they go by:

I have six cows. I found three of them enjoying the waste hay at a former feeding site:

And the other three lounging on the waste hay at the current feeding site. Summer is almost here!:

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