Sunday, April 17, 2016

Blue And Remy, A Tale Of Two Little Horses

Remy and Blue have made themselves at home here and life for them is good. Remy sticks his nose up to have his forehead scratched whenever I walk by their stall:

And both little horses have been spending more time outdoors. They keep looking for green grass even though there hasn't been much yet. We are currently experiencing warm, sunny weather and I expect to see green grass any moment now:

And they've explored every corner of their 16 acre field:

The horses checked out the cows through the fence:

And then the cows checked out the horses:

And then we had a spring snowstorm, though I seemed to be the only one whining about it:

But it melted quickly and the horses returned to playing in their field. This is Remy:

And this is Blue, following his buddy:

Rosella has befriended the little equines and leaves the other cows sometimes to spend time with her new friends:

There was so much frost on the "grass" one morning that I carried out some hay for the horses and threw it on the ground. They could, of course, eat with the cows from the bale feeder but don't yet seem brave enough to do it:

Don't worry, Dad. We'll find enough to eat:

Blue began limping one day and I called my Amish neighbor over to trim both horses' hooves. That fixed them both up just fine and they've been running and playing ever since:

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