Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Miniature Horses - Part 2

My life got easier after Blue and Remy began spending their days outside. For one thing, I needed to only clean their stall once per day instead of three times:

And they absolutely loved their time outdoors:

They ran and played like wild things, though the cows found it alarming:

And then one morning it looked like this outside. They didn't seem to like it at first, but later in the day I looked out the window and saw them running together across the snowy field:

This was my solution to Remy's pooping in his water bucket. I nailed a board up so that he could stick his neck across it to drink water, but his butt wouldn't stretch that far. As you can see by the poop below it, he kept trying:
The cows continued to panic every time the little horses began running, but that only lasted a few days. The cows decided that the little fellows weren't all that frightening once you got to know them. Blue and Remy seemed to instinctively drive and herd the cattle, and I imagined how observing horses' instinctive inclination may have been the origins of cowboys and cattle drives in the various countries where it was first practiced:

They still get to play inside the barn sometimes:

"Do you like my blue eyes?"

Feeding them hay was problematic until the neighbor told me about hay feeder tote bags. The bags solved everything, keeping the hay clean and untrampled:

Now Remy and Blue share a stall and sleep indoors every night:

But during the day, they get to run and play to their hearts' content:

They are about the sweetest little animals I've ever experienced, coming right up to be cuddled, stroked and hugged. I feared that it would be difficult to put them back in their stall at night, but they've been absolutely perfectly behaved - at least so far:


  1. What dear little horses you've brought into your life! A delightful post though its beyond me why an animal would poop in his own water unless he was making a - statement; maybe some kind of hunger strike. Remy seems so happy otherwise. I love your solutions to poopy food.

    1. Thanks. I've been told that quite a number of horses poop in their water buckets. There are lots of theories about why, but it remains a mystery.