Sunday, April 3, 2016

Household Pets

Bramble's longtime hobby of pushing the dogs' water bowl out from the wall reached new heights of silliness as he learned how to dump the bowl upside down and watch the water run across the floor. Luckily for both him and me, he only went that far a couple of times:

Rocky, Clover and Fergus curled up together on a floor pillow in the kitchen:

Seamus sprawled out on the bedroom floor. He has a soft dog bed but doesn't always use it:

Cleaning up the winter's accumulated dog poop was a major operation, spread out over several days. But eventually, the back yard became livable again:

Fergus is our primary burglar alarm, sounding off at every car that passes, bird that flutters or imaginary demon which he sees:

A collective slumber party. All five dogs in the farm house kitchen:

Fergus, Clover and Daphne:

Rocky and Jack:

A fine spring day in the back yard, a good day for barking one's fool head off:

Bramble and Seamus, keeping their eyes on me while I'm at the computer:

Fergus, Jack and Seamus, watching me do chores:

All five dogs in the back yard:

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