Monday, April 4, 2016

The Miniature Horses - Part 1

I discovered that I had lots of miniature horse photos. I'd been taking pictures since they arrived (like any new papa) but had stored them in a forgotten folder. So here are some of the photos, beginning with Remy and Blue in their new barn home:

Blue, begging for his forehead to be scratched:

The little guys got lots of play time in the barn - and play they certainly did:

At other times, they were locked inside their stalls. I couldn't let them outdoors until they'd become used to me and to their new home:

Blue, showing off his blue eyes and a mouthful of hay while begging for more attention:

A problem developed early as Remy began pooping in his water bucket. I took to giving them their water outside of their stall:

"Am I in jail for pooping in my water bucket?"

"Come on out and play, Remy. Can't you see that the gate is opened?"

They sometimes could share grain but sometimes fought and kicked each other, so I began feeding them in separate stalls:

Remy loves to be hugged and cuddled:

Blue is more independent and mischievous, though he too loves attention:

"And I have beautiful eyes, too!"

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