Thursday, April 14, 2016

Wheeler And Fay Roads, Franklin County NY - Part 2

At some point (it wasn't clear where), Wheeler Road became Fay Road and I passed from the town of Malone into the town of Bangor. The road did narrow suddenly and had less traffic, so that may (or may not) have been the place both changes happened. At any rate, it continued to be rural and scenic, with lots of historic farms. These old barns were amazing to see:

Here's another view of the above old barns:

A traditional farm house with front porch and additions, everything neat and clean and glistening in the sun:

A farm house, garage and barn, all laid out in a row:

A very old barn which looked as if it was still in use:

This operation looked as if someone was fixing it all up, and that led to me wondering about the holes in the concrete silo. Were they part of the silo originally and only exposed when the old barn was demolished or were they cut into the concrete as part of a plan to re-purpose the silo?:

I passed this herd of red cattle which did not look like Red Angus and certainly not like Red Polls. They looked like photos I've seen of Lincoln Red, but they are a rare breed so it was not likely:

The old, exposed wood in this complex of farm buildings gave it the look of an outpost in the old west:

A closer view of the last three buildings in the above photo. That first building in particular looked to me like those I've seen in the old west:

A well kept, traditionally red barn. It even had shutters on the windows. But I had reached the end of Fay Road and had to find a way back to Route 11 so I could drive to the feed store. I put my camera away and concentrated on my driving:

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