Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wheeler And Fay Roads, Franklin County NY - Part 1

It was a beautiful but cold day and I was having trouble getting moving. So I decided to take a driving tour on my way to the feed store, choosing Wheeler Road, which heads north from Route 11 just west of the village of Malone, NY. The road was altogether rural, although this brick house may seem urban in style:

There were lots of farms, almost all of them large and prosperous looking:

This is a better look at the barn in the above photo. It sat up on a hill and was difficult to photograph, but I thought it was a real beauty:

This farm was so gigantic and any livestock was so contained within its multiple barns that I never quite learned what kind of farm it was. Perhaps they raised heifers for dairies or perhaps it was a dairy:

A traditional barn so long that I wondered if they needed a golf cart to get back and forth inside it:

Another long barn not far from the previous one. I guessed these were dairy farms but couldn't be sure because I never saw, heard or smelled cattle:

A particularly picturesque farm house:

An older barn which was becoming weather-beaten, although the owners appeared to have put on a new roof. That new roof, hopefully, will help it last for many more years:

Another picturesque farm house, this one looking like it hadn't changed much in the past century or so except that it too had a new roof:

Another large and prosperous looking farm:

A well kept farm house with a wonderful front porch and a swimming pool out back. But there was still more to see on this road and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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