Sunday, April 10, 2016

Update On The Red Poll Girls

Our all too recent winter, while reportedly milder than normal, was still a trial for cows who live outdoors. They will soon be enjoying warmer days and sunshine:

I have an old, short section of fence in the pasture which hearkens back to when this was a dairy farm. It is open on both ends and of no use now whatsoever, but there it stands - and the cows sometimes watch me through the mesh, wondering what I'm up to this time:

And sometimes they watch the little horses through the fence also. It seems to help them feel safe to have that steel mesh between the two species:

But Blue felt no fear, walking right up to a cow and touching noses through the fence:

Rosella, who made friends with the little equines long ago, trotted off to get a drink of water with Remy following her:

Life is improving for the Red Poll girls, and will improve even more when the grass begins growing:

Both cows and horses keep trying to graze on new grass even though there really isn't much yet:

Rosella and Remy are good friends, both young enough to enjoy a bit of playfulness:

And when they are tired, the cows find a bit of dry hay in the muddy field on which to lie down:

Is that a bit of green I see in the grass at their feet?:

Oops, I spoke too soon. April snowstorms are not uncommon here:

But it won't be long. The growing, green grass will take off like a rocket and suddenly it will be summer:

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