Tuesday, March 15, 2016

County Route 49 - Part 3

This is Part 3 of my driving tour of the southern section of County Route 49 (see also previous two posts), and I had come to real farm country:

This large, old farm house was connected to a series of barns in the New England style:

A spectacular series of connected barns and silo:

A small, roadside building that looked as if it had once been a store of some kind:

An abandoned log home, in the process of collapsing:

A pastel green home with a big window for lovely country views:

Another old barn, off in the woods and becoming smothered with brush - or was it a former home? Judging by the door on the right hand corner, perhaps it was once someone's home:

An old barn in spectacular condition:

And lots of horses who didn't seem to mind the cold:

And old farm wagon:

And a traditional farm house, barn and silo:

As I said, this is real farm country - and I hadn't seen it all yet, so tune in tomorrow for Part 4:

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