Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Blue and Remy Finally Get To Go Outside

Blue and Remy had spent almost two weeks indoors, learning the routine and becoming accustomed to me and to their new surroundings. A woman up the road had offered to come help me when I let them loose the first time, but she was out of town and the day was too lovely to keep them penned up anymore. So I simply opened the barn door and let them out:

They pranced and galloped, full of joy:

They had lots of fun and I was able to take some short videos:

The cows, however, looked distressed by this turn of events in their home field:

Indeed, the racing, gamboling minis filled them with alarm:

But Blue and Remy were having too much fun to care about some silly old cows, at least until they learned that they could scatter them and get them running:

Oh, what fun!

They made a few passes at the nervous cattle. It seemed odd to me that six gigantic cows could be so frightened by two tiny horses. At first I worried about those fat, pregnant cows running, but soon I was laughing:

But then the cows got their revenge and turned the tables on the horses:

I called Blue and Remy back into the barn, just to see if they'd come. They did, and we all took a break while I ate lunch:

And then I let the horses out again. The six cows kept themselves in a tightly packed, nervous formation as they watched the little interlopers, concern etched on their bovine faces:

"Well, Blue, do you think we've caused enough commotion for this morning?" Apparently they did think so, for the rest of the day went by with blessed peace. And when dinnertime arrived, they quietly returned to their stalls. What well behaved, sweet little horses!:


  1. Such a delight to see the two tiny horses, great buddies that they are, running in tandem. I assume it's Remy in the lead. It looks like they were trained to do so, but it's clearly their loving, brotherly nature. And then back in the barn when you wanted them to. Bravo! In such a short time they've learned to trust and rely on you So glad they are together, and what a fun new home they have! But what filled me with wonder was - how did the cows communicate with each other, to form the massive counter-attack? This was military strategy, brilliantly executed! As spring warms up, cows and ponies are going to have a wonderful time together. Great thinking on your part, Bill, to bring out the video camera for this debut. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

    1. Cows and horses have become friends in just the few days since their introduction and I am looking forward to better weather and green grass (the hay supply is running low). Yes, Remy is always in the lead, running and prancing with more style than tubby little Blue. Thank you for the kind comments and encouragement.

  2. How perfectly delightful. I can't wipe the grin off my face. The freedom and abandon you captured of these two little darlings who already know "who's their daddy now" really charmed me. I'm so amazed how the cows rallied, and so soon. What a lovely "grand experiment. Here's to green grass soon!

    1. Thanks, Lorraine. They are sweet, fun little critters although they have caused a bit of trouble also.